Sovereign Claims Sales and Management

Slaney Advisors' extensive experience in international arbitration and sovereign finance, and our considerable sectoral and country experience, means that we are strongly positioned to provide world-leading advice in the areas of:

We appreciate how complex and challenging sovereign enforcement can be, but our patient, strategic approach has proven to be successful for our creditor clients.

Some creditors prefer to monetize or de-risk, either partially or fully, and we can offer advice on how to structure and execute sales or participations in sovereign claims and awards.

We can also assist sovereign clients in evaluating, and where appropriate, reducing their potential exposure to judgment claims.

Enforcement and Collection

The successful management and collection of claims against sovereigns, or para-statal entities is one of our core skills. We have a proven track record of successful recoveries against some of the most recalcitrant sovereign debtors in the world. Our experience has taught us that a successful sovereign collection effort invariably involves a combination of enforcement litigation (often coordinated in multiple jurisdictions), political and diplomatic pressure, and public relations. Ideally the combined effect of these efforts makes it politically imperative for the sovereign to pay.

Litigation is a fundamental part of any recovery strategy, and must be properly managed in light of sovereign immunity rules. Through our network of experienced enforcement practitioners worldwide, we can deliver efficient, cost-effective results. We can also assist in structuring and securing litigation funding.

Structured Sales and Participations

Slaney Advisors is on the cutting edge of finding solutions for clients who want to monetize their arbitration claims and awards. Often clients are seeking to de-risk part or all of their exposure. There are many options for creditors, and we can assist in structuring the best transaction based upon the unique characteristics of each deal by evaluating litigation and enforcement risk and taking the deal to the market.

We have a large and well resourced network of buy-side funds that are seeking to invest in arbitration claims and awards. We can bring deals to designated funds or run an auction process to find the most competitive bids. We have have acted as advisors (to both the sell side and the buy side) on award and claims sales from Europe, Africa and Latin America. Our recent track record is a testament to our ability to successfully structure some of the most innovative transactions in this area to date.

Sovereign Advisory

Slaney Advisors can assist sovereigns in evaluating, and where appropriate, reducing their potential exposure to judgment claims. We can also assist in evaluating and recommending innovative strategies for satisfying judgment awards in ways that do not negatively impact a sovereign's debt sustainability. Our expertise in policy issues affecting sovereign financing issues makes us particularly sensitive to the demands faced by sovereigns who need to satisfy many diverse creditors.